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Summer 2022 Program

This summer Checkers Library TV presents The Reading Road Trip– a fun and educational program created as online and in person programming for libraries.

The summer of 2022 Summer Reading Program can be an exciting time to re-energize your community about the joys of reading. While many Americans have been pulled into new and different ways of spending leisure time – libraries that likewise pivot, can lead their community back to the library for the most engaging Summer Reading Program ever!

The Reading Road Trip – Full STEAM Ahead has been assisting libraries to reach a new patrons and create excitement in libraries across the country for the past two years. We have been implementing many enhancements, discovered by listening to subscribing librarians and addressing contemporary challenges to libraries.


Here is how our system works:


This summer, The Reading Road Trip, Full STEAM Ahead will once again innovate to provide meaningful content to libraries across America, by offering an 8 episode series that aligns with either of the popular themes libraries will be following. Checkers and Snoozer will be going on different adventures. You can choose your package based upon your own Summer Reading Program theme. The choice is yours, but either way you are assured that children will be thrilled with your offering.

Sea Turtle

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as Checkers and Snoozer take a deep dive into oceans of the world, sea creatures, and vessels, all while reviewing thrilling ocean-themed books and traveling to amazing places to learn even more! 

Sample Episode

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