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Activity Sheets

Click to download the weekly activity sheets.

The Reading Road Trip: Summer 2022

ways to read1 copy
ways to read 2 copy
ways to read 3 copy
beach1 copy
beach3 copy
oceans 1 copy
oceans2 copy
oceans3 copy
ocean monsters 1 copy
oceans monsters2 copy
oceans monsters3 copy
science1 copy
science2 copy
science 3 copy
hiking 1
hiking2 copy
hiking3 copy
space-1 copy
space-2 copy
space-3 copy
Recycle1 copy
Recycle2 copy
Recycle3 copy
boats ships 1 copy
ships boats2 copy
boats ships 3 copy
ocean animals 1 copy
ocean animals 2 copy
ocean animals 3 copy
park1 copy
park2 copy
park 3 copy
camping1 copy
camping2 copy
camping3 copy

The Reading Road Trip: Full Steam Ahead

star activitty sheet copy
spring actiovity sheet copy
rainbows activitty sheet copy
dragon activitty sheet copy
bear activitty sheet copy
1 fall snoozer dino copy
2 fall underwater snoozer dino copy
3-engineering Checkers copy
4-engineering Snoozer copy 2
5-engineering checkers draw copy
6- fruits dr dan
7- fruits dr dan
8- Space 1 strong copy
Volcano snoozer color copy
Snoozer fire1
snoozer fire2
Fire Snoozer 3 copy
9- Space 2 strong copy
10- Space 3 strong copy
11- Space 4 strong copy
12- Space 5 strong copy
13- Space 6 strong copy
14- Space 7 strong copy
halloween search
halloween maze
snoozer gymnastics
superhero color copy
superhero2 copy
fall thanksgiving1 copy
Thanksgiving sheet2
exercise1 copy
exercise2 copy
winter work1 copy
winter work2 copy
toy search
snakes and latters
New years2 copy
new year1

The Reading Road Trip: Animal Exploration 

Bee maze
Extinct dino maze
Extinct dinosaur maze 2
Desert Camel Shaddow
Forest Tortise and hare
Domestic Pets crossword
Domestic cat maze
Forest animals crossword
forest drawing
Farm crossword
Farm draw sheep
Artic animal word search north pole
Artic maze
Tropical ape matching game
tropical crossword
Tropical coloring sheet
Savanna safari word search
Savanna safari drawing
Savanna lions maze
Ocean crossword
ocean animals puzzle
Ocean buried treasure maze
Freshwater difference
Fresh Water Swan draw
Australia crossword
Australia Kangaroo draw
mythical unicorn maze
Mythical dragon maze
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