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Dinosaurs: Checkers and Snoozer travel to a museum to see a real dinosaur egg. Along the way, they talk about great dinosaur books and discover amazing things about Dinosaurs!

3D Printing: Checkers and Snoozer discover the amazing world of 3d printing. They will visit a real graphic design company and learn how to print Checkers a new watch!

Fruits & Vegetables: Checkers and Snoozer are on a mission to learn where fruits and vegetables come from, why they are important and how we can grow them right in our back yard!

Science Experiments: Science time! Checkers and Snoozer are off to perform a science experiment! They will be reading science books and making crafts along the way!

Fire Safety Week: Checkers and Snoozer are visiting a real fire department! Along the way, they will be learning all about fire safety and reading fire safety books.

Outer Space- Snoozer is going on a space mission! Checkers and Snoozer will be reading some of the coolest space books and learning more about astronauts, the moon, and other planets in our solar system!

Music- Checkers and Snoozer explore the extraordinary world of music. They will learn music history and how to play a musical instrument!


Disabilities- Checkers and Snoozer learn about disabilities and how they affect humans and even animals. They also will learn how science and technology have helped disabled people and visit a girl with a disability.


Superheroes- Snoozer becomes a superhero, complete with a new costume! Along the way, Checkers teaches Snoozer about Superhero history and the two learn about real life super gadgets.


Going to the Dr.- Snoozer learns not to be afraid to go to the Doctor, with the help of his own doctor, Dr. Dan! Checkers will also be discussing books about going to the doctor.


Exercise- While traveling on this reading road trip, Snoozer learns the importance of exercise on a regular basis. They will also be checking out fun books about exercising and playing sports!


Games/Puzzles- On a snowy day, Checkers and Snoozer are stuck inside. They will make the best of it by playing games, reading books, and even learning some information about the history of games.

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