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We offer libraries across America with educational and entertaining content for children that fosters a love for reading. Our work with libraries has revealed unique challenges and opportunities that we believe leadership should be prepared for to best navigate this new version of normal we are facing in 2022 and beyond. We are hopeful to gather library leaders to begin a discussion. 


Joey Hamilton, our CEO, created this program in early 2020 as a way to move libraries forward into the next generation, while also embracing tradition and finding new ways to bring children and families into the library on a regular basis. 


Checkers Library TV has been providing libraries across America with content and strategies to combat these changes. Through our program entitled The Reading Road Trip -Full STEAM Ahead, we are working with many forward thinking librarians who desire to overcome the current challenges to traditional engagement trends. We have had in depth conversations with hundreds of librarians across the country who have shared their struggles. Through those conversations we have uncovered some specific ways that senior leadership has at times inadvertently thwarted innovation. 


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